Elevating your vehicle through exceptional & premium car detailing services

Across our lifetime, we spend more than 4 years in our cars, make those years count with impecable exterior & interior detailing that feels like a spa day for your precious 4 wheeler.
4.9 / 5 based on 58 reviews
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Reach out
Please fill out this form with all of your & vehicle details, and our team will reach out to you with your personalized quote.

Professional & Certified Staff

Our staff are one of the higest rated, and certified people in Oklahoma. We are proud to have a staff of dedicated individuals that are very meticulous when it comes to interior & exterior detailing. This staff will ensure that your vehicle looks brand new.
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Warranted Services

Tipically, services like ceramic sealants or coatings have up to 12 months of warranty. We are happy to offer a warranty up to 24 months for our detailing work. We know that the services we provide will never fail you, rest assured.
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Deals & Affordable Pricing

The only thing we can do to tackle high prices, and rising inflation is to offer deals, and pricing options that are affordable but premium. That way, you can always look out for a deal and save up to $100 on a detail.
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Understand how detailing services work in three easy steps.
We want to make everything as easy & minimalistic as possible, not only to shed more light on detailing services, but to demistify the path you need to take to get your car's true shine out.
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Send us an Inquiry or Book Online
To find out our availability or current deals, you can book online or give us a call with one click, but if that's not your jam, just fill out a form, and we will get to you with availability, deals or even some special promotions that we are running at the time of contact.
Get a Quote & Deal
Now that you reached out, we can send you a custom quote that will allow you to undertand what goes into detailing your car, and how much would that investment take. However, we often run deals and promotions so be on a lookout for that on your quote.
Come to The Shop & Detailing can Commence
After you come to the shop, we will ask you for your keys, and you can either go home or have a lunch with a friend, colleague, family or even just grab a coffee, and do some work. We are near a coffee shop so if you are in a hurry, we will make your car spotless while you sip your delight of choice.
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⚡ limited offer
Show affection with a unique gift card
Avoid the mediocrity, purchase your loved ones a gift they will not only benefit from, but enjoy for years on end. Our Premium Gift Cards are available for Window Tint & Detailing
Enjoy our Summer Bliss
Looking for that sweet stoplight elegance?
Get the Summer Bliss , and finally protect your car for less than $1,500. Reach out in one click, and get it before July 31st
Let's go ahead and protect your Paint with this amazing offer!
4.9 / 5 based on 47 reviews
What's included in Premium Car Detailing package?
Complete Polish & Surface Prep
Preparing the vehicle, and polishing it is a very crucial, and important step in the detailing process. We are using a very fine polisher that doesn't burn through the paint but helps us prepare a surface ( panel ) for the application of coating.
Exterior & Interior Inspection prior to Thorough Detailing
There is no denying that having a clean car can not only impact your phisical, but your mental health as well. Our inspection will detirmine how much work needs to be done, and will allow us to precisely tell you when the job will be finished.
Coating Application & Warranty
Applying a layer of high water-resistant coating will also protect your vehicle from snow, acid rain, and even in the summer, from harmful UV rays, and other contaminants like bird droppings. This will ensure that your vehicle will have that long lasting first impression after each hand wash, saving you that $20-$30 cash, and a trip to the car wash. Our warranty is up to 24 months, if you inspect and feel the coating is not working properly; you can reach out and we will address the concern.
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Premium Detailing
* Vehicle condition may impact price.
We love celebrating, that is why we have a Summer Bliss discount and now you can save 40% on our Premium package. Enjoy!
  • Complete Polish & Surface Prep.
  • Exterior and Interior Quality Detail.
  • Coating & 2 Years Warranty.

Customer Stories That Inspire Us Everyday

Our customers are a blessing, seeing their faces light up after they se how we did their vehicle, it truly makes us happy, and inspired to keep going even after all these years.
Heather Grundy

" I'm so thankful for TCG Detail! My car was embarrasing before I took it to them but they made it look new again! The owners are genuinely great people and their work is excellent! I will start bringing all of my cars here for detailing and tinting needs and refer any family and friends to do the same. Give them a try, you won't be dissappointed!"
Shane Vaughn

"These Guys are Great! I just had my truck coated with a ceramic coating. Looks really good. I took it back to them to hand wash and they gave me a discounted rate. When i washed it my self the dirt and grime came off really easy. I highly reccomend the cermic coating done by this company.
Update: 10-13-2023 Still Using TCG on our fleet and personal vehicles. They are the best."
McKara Shaw

" Highly recommend TCG! They detailed my car and made it feel new to me! I was so impressed with how easy it was to book, the efficiency of the service, and overall the quality of the work. They are very kind and did a phenomenal job, I will definitely be coming back! "
Amy Singleton

" TCG are the best car detailers around! They did a paint correction and coating on my son's 1990 Bronco and did an incredible job! Locally owned and operated Cesar, you couldn't ask for more from a local business. They even offer paint protection film now. Super all the way around. "

Our Company In Numbers

Having deals, sales, quality & affordable detailing is not the only important strenght in our company.
Years of experience
Experience is what makes us one of the best detailing shops in Oklahoma. Even with some stronge & fierce competition, our professionalism, and affordability what drives our mission to be great.
Detailed Vehicles
We often get a question from our customers wondering how many cars have we done, often it's easy to lose count but with a system that keeps our booking in order, it is impossible to mis a single car.
Small but determined is what our customers describe our team as. We have a team of experienced detailers that can move fast, and achieve great precision, reliability, and pristine quality simultaneously.

What are some of the questions we get asked the most?

When you want to find out about a price, or what's included in the package, it is crucial to reach out either via call or via our form, and we can tell you everything on the spot. That's why we tailored our FAQ's to your eager questions.
What's included in the Premium package?
Our Premium package includes the entire detailing process, in, and out. This means your vehicle will be polished, cleaned outside, inside, coated & warranted for up to two years.
How long will my vehicle stay in the shop for?
We work while you work, if you are working a 9-5 like us, we can fully coat your vehicle, and it will be ready by the time you get off work. Easy & reliable.
Can you only do interior?
Yes, we are very pedantic when it comes to doing interiors, no matter the state of your vehicle, we will ensure it leaves our shop like brand new, and we do it this way becase we understand that the interior of the car is crucial to both your mental, and your physical health.
What does the warranty mean on a coating?
The top-tier coating that we apply will give you the security & free up your time, you won't have to go through a car wash every week nor will you have to worry when it starts raining. With our warranty, those pesky water spots will be gone for up to two years, depending on the coating we apply.
If you have a concern within two years of the application; we wash your vehicle for free and address the issue. If a new coating is necessary, we go ahead and coat it again for you at no extra cost.
What is the difference between Paint Enhancment and Paint Correction?
- Paint Enhancement is a single step polish that gives your vehicle a glossy look, this is typically a good option for newer vehicles or well kept paint. For this option, we are only chasing a gloss for that stunning look!
- Paint Correction is using using abrasive products and pads on vehicles that have imperfections such as; surface scratches, swirls, marring, blemishes, buffer trails and other imperfections.
We offer a free assessment on your vehicle(s) before you choose to have us as your detailer.
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